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At the young age of 5 years old, I was attracted to the structure of the body and its muscles. As a little keiki I would walk on my parents back, and have developed my touch from a young age. My grandmother was a Healer for many years. She taught me how to Heal people, how to connect to their ʻAumakua. The traditional way to Heal people through spirit. Her knowledge will forever be passed on, her ʻManaʻ was passed down to me to continue her legacy of healing. 

Through these years and into my adult years I have gained insight on how the body works, and how everything flows from one part of the body to the next.  Quite often I find muscles have a consciousness of their own, a group of muscles might communicate to me to go harder, which often differs from the mind that is saying "No no, stop." And vice vera, the mind of the client wants more pressure yet the muscles differ. Through a trusting relaxed state of mind, the healing process can begin. The muscle will relax, and the pain will start to dissipate. Clients can feel the difference once they are able to relax and let go of expectations. My intuitive knowledge allows me to communicate to the muscle, to relieve it of its duty.


My experience from childhood and lifelong experiences has gained me knowledge about the body and its integrated connection. You could be feeling pain in the knee, although the pain is coming from the hip. The body is in constant homeostasis, balancing the body to create an equal balance. Through repetitive motion and daily stress, the body can undue it, causing pain and discomfort, for which I rebalance the body and help alleviate the pain through my massage and healing work. 


I find that regardless of a clients perception about massage, they often find themselves in a calm relaxed state of being. I provide an intuitive massage  catered to the individual and their needs. 


Try a massage, and tell me how you feel afterwards. When you stumble off the table in complete bliss, and that heavenly feeling is upon you, only then am I filled with joy. 



Kaʻea Lyons

Kailua-Kona, Hawaiʻi

March 5th, 2015



Lomilomi is a gift that has been shared with Kealoha and I'm appreciative of my experience with her. Being 5 months pregnant at the time, I was very hesitant on anyone touching my body especially during this sacred and blessed time. Kealoha's understanding made me very comfortable and able to release and connect at many levels. She helped walk me through letting go, releasing and eventually relaxing as she help guide me with words of affirmation. I felt so relieved that I actually fell into a very deep sleep during my session! Healing via touch is a way of our Kupuna....

Mahalo Nui E Kealoha!

Ka'ea Lyons

Radio Personality Host, Morning Co-Host Bolohead and Babes, KAPA Hawaiian FM
Content/Brand Manager KAPA Hawaiian 100.3 FM

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Solange Zelman 

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

August 11th,  2013

Dear Kealoha,
I want to thank you for the most incredible body healing work I have ever had. It has changed my life. I have been able to sleep again for 8 hours and have got my playful self back!!!!!

I hear your voice in my head over and over........" Do not cross your legs, only your ankles" or " You have happy moments in your life so cherish them"!!!!! I have been practicing the stretches I have learned from you as well!!!
I have taken you with me to Brazil!!Yeah!!
I wish you the very best, and will call in advance to make my appointments before my next trip to the Big Island
Solange Zelman

Samuel Himura

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

January 3rd, 2015

Kealohaʻs healing abilities are legitimate and unique, upon first meeting her I knew that she was special. Like any person I was doubtful until receiving my first healing session. Her approach is one of a kind and it is really something that cannot be described because it is something that you feel. 

Anyone can give a massage but not only is her physical skills that of a true masseuse but she is in fact a healer who’s ability to relax the mind and draw out negative energy from the spirit is unparalleled.

Many people do not believe in alternative healing methods, I am both a Stoic and a Skeptic so I will be the first to doubt and the first to critique. Kealoha went well beyond my expectations of a "healer" and not only helped me center myself but also strengthened my belief in something greater

Thank you Kealoha for your beautiful work. Continue on strong


Samuel Himura

Mike Muench - Volcano Hawai'i

March 10th, 2013

Kealoha is a gifted healer and massage therapist who has helped me greatly.


She combines an intuitive awareness of her client's needs with a solid foundation in physiology, soft tissue issues, and massage therapy. Her methodology allows her to identify muscle and tendon problems in her clients, and directly address and treat the issues, quickly beginning  the healing process.


I have been visiting her regularly for over three months and find her healing techniques to be the most beneficial I have experienced over many years of receiving massage therapy. When we started I suffered a sciatica injury, a poorly healed ankle sprain, and contracted joints in my hips and shoulders. This all the result of an highly active physical life style that just caught up with me.


As Kealoha said to me the first time she worked on me, “If you take the time to work with me, I can help heal you.” It was no boast. She is a true and blessed healer who is dedicated to helping her clients recover from their soft tissue injuries.


My path back to health has been difficult and not without much pain on the massage table. But Kealoha is a very responsive therapist. Working with her I feel much more empowered in the healing process.  


If you have muscle and soft tissue problems and associated joint pain, I urge you to take the time to let Kealoha work with you to heal these issues.