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Healing Studio in HPP 

Located in Keaʻau, Hawaiʻi

Big Island of Hawaiʻi

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Carsten Huber 

Powell River, British Columbia, Canada

June 16th 2016

Having Kealoha working on my body was a very powerful experience. 
I did not have any specific issue or ailment at the time I received my treatment; just the scares of old, old wounds, which have manifested in my body, and like many of us have. Of some of these scared tissue I was aware of, but Kealoha found even more.
I agreed that Kealoha could work with deep pressure. I agreed that I would feel sour for up to four days.
And she did go deep; deeper than I have ever experienced in a massage. She worked with astonishing accuracy and focus. 
Yes, it was painful, very. 
And No, I did not feel good right away. My body felt sour, my soul stirred up and my being was buzzing afterwards. It took a few days for the body to heal up and the soul to calm down again.
Than I could feel, that thing had shifted. My body feels clearer now and my soul more peaceful. I am grateful for the experience and for the healing that I have received.

Beth Nadvornik

Pahoa Hawai'i

February 26th, 2014

I was having lower back sciatica pain for months. For two weeks it was so bad that I couldn't move with out being in the most incredable pain I have ever been in. I finally went to the doctors and all they could do was give me pain pills. That helped a little as the pills just made me sleep. The major pain started again so I went to the chiropractor. He checked my spine and said I should go and see him three times a week for two weeks, so I did. Each time he checked my back and said there wasn't much he could do as my back was too inflamed so keep coming back (and that was $35.00 each visit for a total of $275.00 including the initial visit). So I got no relief from him. 

A few friends of mine told me about Kealoha at Kama'aina healing. I went to see her and I am amazed as she found the problem with my back the first time. After two visits I am pain free and am able to do the things I used to do!  She has what I call "healing hands"! I highly recemend Kealoha at Kama'aina healing to anyone who has any type of pain or just needs a great relaxing massage!

Thank you Kealoha,

Beth Nadvornik 

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Dan Promen

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
March 3rd, 2015

While visiting Hilo a friend recommended Kama'aina Healing for massages and specifically Kealoha.  I can honestly say that it was the BEST relaxation massage I've ever had.  Considering I'm 68 years of age, you can imagine I've had more than a few.  

Kealoha is friendly, professional, and excellent at finding the troubled areas.  I cannot remember ever being so relaxed after a massage.  I will definitely keep her card and using her services when I return. 

Thank you for the best massages Iʻve ever had,
Dan Promen
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Janet Yamashiro

Kaneohe, O'ahu

August 14th, 2013

I have been to many therapists, and I can go through an hour of massage feeling as if I didn’t even have a massage.


I had been taking medication for my dizziness at least three times a day and after my first session with Kealoha, I did not have to rely on any meds for 4 days.  My reliance on the medication has decreased substantially and is almost non-existent after 3 sessions with her.  


I find Kealoha to be very sincere, possessing the “mana”, the spirit, the gift and heart of healing that I have not found in any other therapist.  She makes you feel very comfortable and puts her heart and soul into her massage session.  She keeps herself in pristine health to excel in her work.


Thank you Kealoha, for sharing your gift of healing.


Much appreciation,


Janet Yamashiro